Brocade wallpaper collection

brocade wallpaper collectionThis unique collection was inspired by antique brocade wallpaper designs. Each piece is handmade from solid sterling silver, a resist is applied to the silver before the design is acid etched into the surface. Each piece is hand finished with a brass wire brush to give an unusual subtle satin finish.


Maiko flower collection

maiko flower collectionThis pretty collection stems from Japanese flower designs, etched onto a solid disc of sterling silver, decorated with a lush purple amathyst stone which hangs below each piece. Available as drop earrings and as a pendant on a sterling silver hoop.


Hearts and stars collection

hearts and stars collectionA collection of groovy hearts and stars, etched with concentric outlines and blackened and polished to create a contrasting effect. These are available as earrings, a pendant and even a brooch.