inspirals love necklace, butterfly necklace and nameplate necklace


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You can pay securely with any credit card using the free PAYPAL service. Otherwise you can pay by cheque made payable to Sally Reay and sent to 25 Brook Road, Bristol, BS16 3SQ.


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Silver care

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About the maker

sally reay of inspiralsInspirals was conceived by designer/maker Sally Reay, based on her desire to make stylish affordable jewellery that she herself loves to wear.

Made from the highest quality materials and strong in design, her jewellery owes nothing to predetermined conventions and everything to new ideas. Her inspiration comes from everywhere: from street fashion to the natural world, from architecture to outer space…

Sally is a Londoner, born and bred, who has discovered the countryside and the wonders of the natural world – a city girl at home with nature.

She has a BA(hons) degree in Graphic Design and a thirst for beauty. Sally takes great pride in what she produces and gets a massive kick out of other people’s delight in her work, so why not let her know…

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